I am an
Business Developer,
&Multidisciplinary Creative

I'm a graduated Architect and Business Developer along with a self-taught multidisciplinary Creative with a vast array of skills ranging from architecture design, building information modelling, 3D-modelling & 3D-visualization, business planning and development, management, visual & graphic design, website design & development and a lot of art, photography and music on the side.

With so many diverse skills that I developed over a period of 12 years
, I now work as an independent professional, offering all my knowledge and skills to highly talented individuals to manifest brilliant ideas into reality.

I will be delighted to collaborate and work with you on your next big project!

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Design o Business o Technology o

Design oBusiness o Technology o


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Sara Frusciante Art
Website Development
Sara Frusciante is a profoundly talented tattoo and visual artist, among her many other great talents in music and art. It brought me great joy to design and develop a cool new website to portfolio all of her amazing work!
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Architecture, BIM, Business, Technology
An ongoing partnership built on mutual trust and many years of great work together with the founders of Plan3D. I have actively supported Plan3D as a BIM-Architect, Project Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager and a Business Developer with diverse skills.
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Triakis Gallery
Triakis.Gallery is the portfolio collection of my photography work and development as a photographer over the last 16 years. It is an active channel of artistic and creative pursuit which brings me great joy throughout the entire process.
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Human Advertising UG
Startup Development
A firm that started with a casual and spontaneous brainstorming session among friends back in 2019. It was one of the best learning experiences for me that taught me a lot about how markets, economies, sales and advertisement work. Human Advertising was a great step on my journey of becoming a Business Developer.
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Startup Development
The brainchild project that has been in development since September 2022 which develops on the ideas from my Master Thesis. Super excited to see it excel and prosper in the market and actively contribute to the sustainable future of all humanity.
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The Studio

BUSINESSo ART & DESIGNoTechnologyo Businesso



My work ethic is centred around passion, high-energy drive and the sheer love of working on great ideas and manifesting them into tangible businesses, artworks, events or products which the world can experience and interact with.

Hence, I only choose to work on ideas that inspire me to dedicate myself with passion and creativity
. Often working solely as a one-person business developer or working with other highly creative and passionate people in synergy.

, I lay great emphasis on the ideas I am working on and the people I am working with. I am constantly striving to push the horizon of great ideas that I am working on.

You are warmly welcome to connect with me in person over a coffee and explore the possibility of working on something magnificent together
, whether it is a brilliant new start-up, an astonishing art project or supporting your business to achieve great success in the market.

My Skills
Having a firm foundation of 5-years of education in Architecture, art & design was ingrained into the 'DNA' of my soft skills and cognitive thinking. I have dedicated many years of my life engaging with multidisciplinary art projects and wish to do way more throughout my life.


Music production

Visual Art

The core discipline of my professional life is Architecture. With 5-years of formal education and 5-years of work experience in Architecture, I have developed a very in-depth understanding of architecture design and building construction along with well-crafted skills in multiple software.

Architecture Design

Building Construction

Building Services (MEP)

BIM-Modelling & Management

3D-Visualization & Virtual Reality

3D-Laserscanning & Surveying

Project Management

Photogrammetry & Mesh-modelling

The secondary discipline of my professional career is Business development. With a 2-years formal education as Masters in Business Administration from Technische Universität Berlin and 3-years of working experience in active Business development, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of designing and developing Startups in EU, especially in Germany.

Business Planning

Business Development

Brand Development

Business Registration

Business Process Management

Digital & Print Marketing

Product Development

Sales & Market Research

Finance Management

Finance Book-keeping & Planning

With many years of education and work experience in design, I feel safe to say that I see everything in life and work through the lens of design principles. Through carefully training myself in multiple software in different fields of design, I have become highly efficient as a multidisciplinary designer.

Visual Design

Graphic Design

Print Media Design

Product Design

Website Design

UI/UX Design

Deep understanding and knowledge of technological advancement in various sectors and learning to adapt to these technologies in my own workflows has always been a great strength of mine throughout my career. I continue to research and develop technology-based businesses, primarily in AEC technology.



Digital Twins


City Information Models

Blockchain Technology

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Smart Buildings & IoT