PURE BRILLIANCE is my main focus and
the goal of everything I do
in my projects.

Triakis.Studio is a freelance sole-proprietor studio based in Berlin. I focus on contributing my skills and expertise to teams or individuals who are seeking support in manifesting their creative ideas into art projects or business ideas into successfully thriving businesses. reflects the vision that I had in my early youth when I dreamt of having an art & design studio where I could channel all of my creative energy into tangible reality. Whether it is designing a building, an entire new startup, a simple art project, a photograph series or an album of songs, the simple joy and passion behind the entire creative process is what still drives that vision after 12+ years of professional work and educational experience. Triakis.Studio grows and changes every year as I drive myself to learn, grow and prosper in my craft.

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All I pray for in life, is peace and flow. So that I can keep learning, growing and working on new ideas. I hope someday, all of my work will have some profound meaning and timeless value.

My name is Dya Singh, and I am an Architect, Business Developer and a multidisciplinary creative.

As far as I can remember the days of my early youth, I was very curious and deeply invested in art, design, science and technology. Eventually, my curiosity and passion drove me to choose Bachelors of Architecture as my primary pursuit of education. I chose to study Architecture, as it was one of the few fields where I could engage in creativity and technicality in equal proportions. Architecture design and building construction caught the core of my interest as I was fascinated by how one person can mould his ideas into physical materials like glass, concrete wood and make those ideas manifest as a tangible structure confining space with which people can interact. This whole process of envisioning abstract ideas in the mind and turning them into something tangible is where the passion of my life is driven from.

Through this journey of 5-years in Bachelors in Architecture, I developed many great skills of understanding spaces and structures in 3D. I learnt how to apply my new-found skills in not just architecture design and building construction, but also in Photography, Graphic Design and Visual Art in both digital and physical mediums.

To bring all my skills together and not only just be creative but highly productive in my work, I pursued a Master's in Business Administration from Technische Universität Berlin. With countless hours of research, education and professional work in multidisciplinary fields in business such as management, planning, execution, finances, sales and marketing, I have discovered and trained myself to fold my creative skills with great management skills.

Throughout my education and professional work life, I have participated in countless competitions, conventions, debates, declamations, projects and endeavours and have won numerous certificates, awards and medals.

In the end, all of these endeavours are driven by my personality, which scores very high on "openness to experience". Always seeking novelty and new challenges and experiences.


"Working with Dya is such a delightful experience. He is brilliant and works with a very mellow & relaxed energy that makes working with him a pleasurable experience. I wish him great success and fortune in his career."

Hanna Schönert, Co-Founder Human Adveritising UG

"Once he is set on his vision of manifesting his ideas into reality, there is no force stopping him from doing exactly that. The whole process of brainstorming ideas with him and seeing them come to life is extraordinary."

Sara Frusciante, Multi-Disciplinary Creative

"It's very difficult to convince Dya to start working with someone, but when he does, he is always wholeheartedly committed to making it work! It's a lot of fun working with him, and we shall work on many great ideas together."

Sascha Dass, Co-Founder, Human advertising UG